About us

Logotipi.com.ua - this community, created especially for designers of logos.

Do you want to show yourself and look at others?

We have developed a service where you can share your work, rate and comment on the work of other participants. Here you can take inspiration, viewing works best designers of logos.

Do you want to earn?

Our community can be your source of additional income. How? This is possible on two occasions. Firstly, if you have a good job, that collect a lot of likes, you may notice a potential customer and make you order. Secondly, we have a section "Competitions". Here you can compete for a cash consideration with the other contestants.

Do you want a logo for your company?

Here is a huge amount of logo designers, who are willing to create a logo for all your requirements. You can apply directly to the designer you like. Or you can create a competition, then you will be offered a large number of options.

Join us and be with us!